Concierge on the Road

During every event, our team provides top notch support so you can fully enjoy your driving experience. Our team closely monitors your car in the event of issues. Our crew will do its best to repair your vehicle in the safest, shortest time possible. Cold drinks and light refreshments are always available. Any fuel, tires, and/or parts provided will be charged in addition to the support fee.

Race Prep

Simply stated, preparation is the foundation of racing success.  Maintenance logs, run time schedules and pre race testing are staples of the Concierge racing approach.  It is quite the advantage to roll out of the shop onto an actual race track for a shakedown before loading our cars in the trailer.  In order to win in any racing endeavor you must, as Carroll Smith’s book is so aptly named, “Prepare to Win.”  You can take confidence in knowing the only loose nut on the car will be the one behind the wheel.

Driver Prep

Our focus is on both car and driver, as it takes both at 100% to finish up front.  Our cars are equipped with Traqmate data tracking systems that allow us to overlay the data from all our cars to help our customers learn new tracks and maximize their results on tracks they already know.

A History of Racing

We have been racing since 1965, and have learned a few things along the way. For us, trackside service is more than trackside catering and glad handing. We come to the races prepared to win. We always have. We consider our arrive-and-drive customers teammates. Our objective is to deliver to our customer drivers the best possible race competitive race experience.


We realize racing vintage high performance cars is a very expensive passion.  It takes a lot of both time and money, in fact you could sail around the world in first class luxury in about the same time and for about the same money as a season of vintage racing.  We race because, done properly, there is nothing as much fun, as exciting or as personally rewarding as vintage racing.  It is our mission to deliver to our customers the opportunity to maximize the fun, excitement and satisfaction for their investment in vintage racing.